The process where we take raw materials and turn them into your end product. Plastics for example can be heat formed, polished, vacuum formed, glued and welded into various shapes. Plastic is also easily drilled, milled, routed, turned and tapped allowing many different options of fabrication. Visit  our materials page to see what items we currently stock.

Manufacture Starts with your idea. We can work with you to help create almost anything, working off a simple sketch on paper to a precise CAD drawing, we’ll help make your design a reality. With years of experience in fabrication we can also suggest improvements and help where we can in making your product even better.


We have been Making sneeze guards and cake displays for over 6 years now. Majority of our customers have been cafes, food stalls at markets and bakeries.


Due to the high demand for protect for staff since COVID-19 made its way to Australia in Feb we have been making larger sneeze guards to not only protect food but to now protect staff as well. We currently have a few different options in our web store but we fully understand that size requirements change from business to business and store to store and can quote up on custom sized screens to fit your counter top and needs.


Feel free to shoot us an email for custom orders.

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